I specialize in editing fiction and nonfiction, including everything from middle-grade and young-adult novels to memoirs and contemporary romance novels. I accept a variety of manuscripts for editing projects, spanning short stories, essays, articles, Christian works, and more. I also cater to businesses, proofreading annual reports and editing web copy.

As a freelance editor, I extend the following levels of editing services:

Proofreading: I help authors fine-tune their manuscripts for consistency during the final stages of the submission process, checking for:

  • Typographical errors
  • Proper word usage
  • Basic grammar
  • Consistency within format and punctuation
  • Typos, misspellings, and other discrepancies
  • Overall appearance, typeface, and fonts

Copyediting: I also offer light, medium, and heavy copyediting services. I provide line-by-line edits that not only correct errors but also improve overall style, giving a manuscript a thorough polish.

Light copyediting: A light copyedit may involve making sure the material is consistent, clear, and logical. I check for properly cited quotations, inaccuracies, correct style of in-text citations, bibliographies, reference lists, and footnotes or endnotes. I also check cross-references and ensure consistency in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, numerals, abbreviations, formats of lists, hyphenation, and similar elements of the manuscript.

Medium copyediting: A medium copyedit may involve all tasks for light copyediting, as well as flagging wordy or awkward phrasing and sentences, gaps in the narrative or inconsistencies in the plot, tone, setting, character development, or world building. Medium copyediting involves fact-checking, minor tweaking, and suggestions for rewriting, but lengthy corrections are done by the author.

Heavy copyediting: A heavy copyedit, or line editing, includes all of the tasks for light and medium copyediting, along with a review for the overall flow, style, and tone. I provide an assessment for the point of view throughout and cross-check references, figures, and illustrations. A heavy copyedit may lead to the pursuit of the copyright holder’s permission or a suggestion to make additions or deletions to enrich the flow or reorganize the content. I omit wordiness and rewrite sentences to enhance the style or comprehension.

Along with checking basic spelling and grammar, I look for style and consistency as a line editor. While line editors are not typically fact checkers, I keep an eye on information or citations that authors may need to revisit. I make sure the style guide is being followed and check for non-conventional spellings of words. I also look out for formatting errors, word usage, flow, and tone.

TL;DR: I focus on the whole—grammar, punctuation, redundancy, plot, tension, and more.

Content/Substantive editing: Content editing, or structural/substantive editing, aims to bring out the tone of the manuscript as a whole, focusing more on the following:

  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Character development
  • Pace
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue
  • Readability
  • Content/tension
  • Descriptions

As a content editor, I focus on the elements listed above in a manuscript rather than acting as the spelling and grammar police. I flag gaps in the content or style and enhance the overall clarity while pinpointing the manuscript’s weaknesses. Once these elements are analyzed, I provide detailed suggestions for a revision while keeping the specific audience in mind.

Note: Generally, content editing services aim to rework awkward or confusing writing. I provide detailed advice so authors can address inconsistencies or weaknesses. Extensive editing can lead to additional content edits following the initial drafts.

Not sure which level of editing your manuscript or creative project needs? I can provide my recommendation with a sample edit.